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Distance Learning and Its Benefits


There was a time when students used to study in a traditional study system and they had to go to their schools via various transport systems under different climatic conditions and had to waste a lot of time in going and coming back to their educational institutions. But due to the introduction of online education and courses this problem got solved. Though online education took a long time to become popular because people had a mentality of why to go online when everything is in front of their eyes and that too reliable. People had issues with the authenticity of degrees being provided during distance learning courses but then all of a sudden the whole scenario got changed when pandemic Covid- 19 hit the world. Though distance learning was in existence before the pandemic, during this time period everything started to be done online and then distance learning got the respect and importance it deserved. Today students enrolled in distance learning can attend seminars and classes via video conferencing, they can submit their assignments and they can attain the latest information about their courses and subjects and can study in the most fruitful way. In an overall view distance learning is less costly as compared to traditional ways of studying. Online learning has made distance learning very easy with the help of a student information management system. Student information management system stores the data related to the students which can be accessed by tutors and parents and location or distance of students from educational institutions is not an issue at all for the students here.

The main benefit of distance learning is that location is not an issue at all for the students. This form of education system is accessible for the students from any location in the world nowadays. This saves a lot of time for the students and makes them free from stress and anxiety. This also saves them from wasting the money in order to book hostels if they have to study in any other city. So, in this way distance education saves money and time and makes the students relieved from both the issues. In distance learning education is very flexible and students can arrange their learning schedules according to their convenience. Here students don’t have to be restricted according to the timings of lectures, instead they can access the lectures and their recorded videos 24/7 as per their schedule and pace. They can earn part time also along with this flexibility. Distance education is using many new and innovative tools which makes learning easy like SIS software. SIS software is that management information system which gathers and stores essential student data used for different processes related to their studies. In distance learning, the internet becomes the baseline due to which students get the chance to come into contact with the latest information, data or research related to different subjects and topics students are curious to learn.

Students get to learn a lot of skills being enrolled in distance learning, like they get to learn how to manage their time. Most of the students who usually don’t get good marks, their main issue is no time management bit in distance learning. They have to manage their time in order to attend their classes and prepare their notes. Being online in video conferencing class students learn to study and work in a team. Teamwork is such a skill which benefits the students in their professional life also. Students become self-reliant and self-confident as they manage their whole study program by themselves online. They start to use critical thinking and problem-solving methods in order to solve their issues. During the online education which is a part of distance learning students often leave after the class in confusion about a few topics or issues but they find the answers to those issues by themselves which motivate themselves. As students have to talk to many scholars and learned people in order to learn new things, their communication level gets better along with time itself. It is so because in order to learn something, exchange of words needs to be very clear between mentor and students. Keeping all the above stated factors we can say that distance learning is very beneficial for the students.

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